Extravagantly Wealthy Congressional Loser Sells Her Stake in the WNBA's Atlanta Dream

Demon wearing mask, 2021
Demon wearing mask, 2021
Image: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

There are many times in my life as a faithful woman where I have doubted the existence of a higher power but today is not one of those days, as the good Lord has chosen to flex on everyone’s doubting ass and descended upon Kelly Loeffler to compel her to sell her share of WNBA team the Atlanta Dream. According to the Washington Post, Loeffler and her co-owner Mary Brock sold the team to a “three-person investor group that includes former Dream star Renee Montgomery.” The heavens are rejoicing and the earth rises up in unified song at the marvelous works of sports capitalism.


The sale comes after an incredibly tumultuous season between the Dream and Loeffler after the entire league unanimously chose to protest over the murder of unarmed Black people in America, a move that Loeffler fought back against despite being informed it was happening a month before the season began. The protests, which were pro-Black Lives Matter, deeply upset Loeffler, a politician, who wrote a letter to the WNBA commissioner requesting that politics be taken out of basketball.

In a majestic double down, the Atlanta Dream started wearing shirts encouraging Georgians to vote for Raphael Warnock who was running for Loeffler’s seat. Warnock won the run-off election and it can and should be argued that were it not for the work of the Dream, the outcome might have been different.

Let us all gather to dance upon the grave of Kelly Loeffler’s ownership and drink merrily from the cup of this racist demon not getting to have her cloven hands pulling the strings of a professional basketball team.



You used your position and influence to get a job in congress handed to you. You then proceeded to lose your position, your influence, your ownership stake, and your election. Well done dumbass