Experts: You're Still Eating Too Much

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Today in diet news: If one's eating plan isn't working, it's because many people are still eating too much. 87% percent of GPs surveyed said that patients underestimate how many calories they're consuming and are "ill-prepared" for diets. [Telegraph]


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When I diet, I try my best to eat as much food as I possibly can for a set number of calories. I eat WAY more than I would otherwise, and when I crunch the numbers at the end of the day, I often find myself incredibly full and much further under the number than I would like.

It leaves me in a tough spot, where I honestly have the most problems with dieting. Is it better to just leave it at 1200 calories when I'm full and have had an active day? Or do I force myself to eat another snack, just because I know that number should be higher?