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Expendables Stars Have "Expended" Many Wives

Illustration for article titled emExpendables/em Stars Have Expended Many Wives

"These men have a loyalty to each other that never wavers. As for their loyalty to women… That's the movie I'd like to see." Just in time for the opening of the The Expendables, a suggestion for a sequel.


Image via Vanity Fair.

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I caught this movie last night at a midnight screening and I fucking LOVED it.

It's only for action fans though. That may seem like an obvious point, but I keep seeing people complain that the plot is stupid and the characters are shallow, as if they expected some quality screenwriting on display.

If you want to see Jet Li fight Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham stab the fuck out of everyone and Terry Crews fire a full-auto shotgun with explosive rounds, then THIS is your movie. The action is done very well and by the last 30 minutes of the movie it's pretty much nonstop.

And yay for Dolph for still being married to his first wife. You know that dude has an IQ of like a billion and a degree in chemical engineering? Shit's crazy.