Expect to Kiss an Average of 15 Frogs Before You Get a Prince

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If you've made out with 11 men, great news! A new survey suggests you're only 4 away from Prince Charming. On average, anyway. Your results may vary; past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

According to numbers via London's Telegraph, Jane Average has two long-term relationships and lives through one heartbreak before she meets the right man. (Guess at least one LTR tends to be a dud.) She'll have racked up four truly terrible dates, which must not account for OK Cupid randos, and she'll have notched four one-night stands into her bedpost. Get it, girl.

Dudes rack up six one-night stands, by comparison. Guys claim an average of ten sexual partners in their lives, while women have something like seven, which suggests a decent conversion rate on kisses.


69 percent of respondents looked back and felt they had a tough time finding true love. Who in the hell are the smug 31 percent who say otherwise?

Grain of salt, though: The findings come from a study commissioned as promo for the paperback edition of The Rosie Project, a book about a dude looking for the perfect woman. So a) it's a marketing stunt with possibly garbage methodology b) they only talked to heterosexuals, apparently. Also, the whole thing seems based on the idea that love is practically a matter of fate, as though life were a romance written by Homer. Pretty sure it doesn't actually work that way.

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"15 kisses? 4 one-night stands? 7 sexual partners?"