Exhale: Here's Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Final Appearance on The View

Looking appropriately sheepish, Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave The View the old conservative farewell Wednesday morning, after announcing last night that she would be moving to Fox to join the team at Fox and Friends, replacing Gretchen Carlson, who is getting her own afternoon show. Hasselbeck has been "enjoying The View" as it were for a decade, which is just....time, you know?

"I am a little emotional," said Barbara Walters, doing some impressive acting on her part, given that back in March, there were many rumors that Hasselbeck was being edged out of the show because her opinions polarized viewers. "I'm a little teary but I always want what's best for you," Walters added. "I'm happy that you're going. No I'm not happy that you're going! I'm happy that it's good for you," she said, before weirdly speculating that Hasselbeck wouldn't be able to have another child because of her new early morning hours on Fox and Friends.


Hasselbeck had nothing but kind words for her coworkers and the crew of the show; she described Whoopi Goldberg as "walking unconditional love," Sherri Shepherd as "my sister in Christ," and said of Walters, "I feel as though I have attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcasting and Journalism and I feel like I have my Masters in Communication from being next to you."

Walters said that they don't plan to fill Hasselbeck's seat just yet (she actually said not to send in your resumes, so if USPS could just hold that envelope for me, that would be great).

"Fox, gee, won't you be a fish out of water there," commented Joy Behar. Whoopi added, "I just think you're the cat's meow." Plus there were some delightful joked about Barbara's lesbian love for Elisabeth.

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