In a crime that seems straight out of daytime television, Christine Newton-John, 41, has been sentenced to four years in prison for exercising her 70 year-old husband to death.

James M. Mason met his wife when she was a young boy going by John Leslie Vallandingham. In 1993, Christine underwent a sex change operation and began to live as Christine Newton-John (and yes, her last name was taken from pop star Olivia Newton-John). The couple married three years ago, and Christine quit working to be supported full-time by her former janitor husband. Police Chief Stehlik expected a murder charge, since Christine knew of her husband's heart problems when she forced him to swim around their pool for three hours. A surveillance tape shows Christine dragging him around by his arms as he feebly attempts to exit the pool. As a widow, Christine would receive her husband's VA benefits and Social Security. Christine plead guilty to reckless homicide on Friday. [New York Times & Breitbart]