Excuse Me Sirs, Women Are Just as Good at Boozing and Binge-Watching

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We've barely staggered through the first round of company Christmas parties and already we're getting slammed with New Year's resolution-related content (and unfortunately not the Otis Redding/Carla Thomas duet, either). Today's news: Gents' weight-loss goals are most likely to be derailed by liquor and Game of Thrones reruns.


Losing weight is, of course, the perennial favorite New Year's resolution for Americans, male and female alike. So AdWeek got Men's Health to survey 5,000 dudes 18 to 34 about their weight-loss goals and their biggest stumbling blocks. 45 percent reported alcohol was the number-one danger to their diets; 42 percent said binge-watching television. The resulting infographic trumpets: "The Biggest Risks to Men's Weight Loss Resolutions: Booze and Binge-Watching TV."

EXCUSE ME. HELLO. POINT OF ORDER. SEXISM ALERT. I am pretty sure that I am just as proficient in derailing my healthy intentions with boozing and binge-watching as any man. I'm sick and tired of men getting all the credit around here. Don't gloss over our talents! Obviously all those goddamn bourbon ads are doing their hideous work. Just watch me while I finish this bottle of Andre and crush nine straight hours of Mad Men. IN CONCLUSION:

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Ok, but...binge-watching? I totally love and understand binge-watching, but how is it a derailer to your weight loss goals? Are these people going on a TV watching binge every single night when they get home? I manage to get a sufficient number of workouts in a week and then do my binge-watching on the weekends. Is it the food they're eating while binge watching? Do I just not understand that people binge-watch TV whenever they get a free minute, and are thus gorging themselves that whole time?