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Excuse Me, Is This Your Unruly Goat?

Illustration for article titled Excuse Me, Is This Your Unruly Goat?

Have you misplaced a goat? If so, the police department of Paramus, New Jersey would like a word.


The Washington Post reports that local cops recently apprehended a goat they described on Facebook as “disorderly.”

Multiple witnesses accused the goat of head-butting the door of a residence and running wild in the road, police said. It took three officers to bring the rampaging animal under control, at which time he was wrapped in a curious yellow cape, according to an impromptu mugshot.

The goat — which remains unidentified — was not injured during its apprehension.

If you recognize this shit-stirring goat (who is very bad at breaking and entering), please contact the Paramus police.


Photo via Facebook.

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This is not my goat but I want this goat.