Excuse Me, But Lifetime Is Remaking Beaches Starring Idina Menzel

At this point it’s almost boring to question bewildering remakes, simply because there have been so many of them. Nevertheless, here we are: Lifetime is remaking the 1988 tear-jerking classic Beaches, starring Idina Menzel. Hm.


So says Entertainment Weekly:

The Frozen singer has signed onto Lifetime’s remake of the 1988 Beaches that starred Bette Midler and featured her classic tune, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” EW has learned. Menzel will take over Midler’s role of CC, an aspiring singer who develops a lifelong friendship with a rich girl named Hillary at the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In the new version, however, the pals connect at the Venice boardwalk in Los Angeles.



Love “Let It Go,” but stepping into the shoes of Bette Midler circa 1988 is a very bold move.

EW adds that, “The Lifetime movie is expected to feature new takes on ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘The Glory of Love’ and include several other songs recorded specifically for the movie.”


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Paranoid Android (sometimes says dumb things)


Beaches is perfect as it is. Nobody will ever replace and improve on Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. Nobody.

Idina Menzel’s nasally (yes, I said it) voice is no comparison to The Divine Miss M’s. The Divine One can cover you but you should never, ever cover her.

Why is Hollywood hellbent on destroying all my favorite things? First Auntie Mame and now this.