Excruciating Teen Billionaire Peter Brant II Says He Has a Plan to Kill Obama

Last night was a time of high emotional dudgeon. All that anxiety as we awaited the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, followed by the news that Obama had won a second term in office. If you're teenaged billionaire Peter Brant II, the Greenwich-raised son of paper magnate Peter Brant and supermodel Stephanie Seymour, you don't exactly welcome that outcome. If you're teenaged billionaire Peter Brant II, you exchange snarky text messages about Romney's defeat with your friend Andrew Warren, who describes himself on Twitter as "NYC/HAMPTONS" and says the election is going to make him "poor" now, obviously. And Andrew jokes about how at least women will still have rights, except, "oh wait I don't care." And you, Peter Brant II, joke about having "a contingency plan: Kill Obama, hahaha." Hahaha!

Then you screenshot that charming display of wit and trenchant political analysis and post that shit on Instagram.

Photo and comment thread screencapped from Statigram (you must be logged in and approved to follow @peter_brantii to view it); the part where Peter Brant II tells a commenter to jump off a cliff is particularly lovely. Peter Brant II's Instagram account is now private but as of this morning the photo had not been deleted.

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