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Exclusive: Let Debbie Stoller Teach You How To Knit

If you've always wanted to learn how to knit but haven't known where to begin, you're in luck! Author, DIY maven, and BUST co-founder Debbie Stoller just recorded her first-ever DIY knitting instructional video, and she decided to share it with us. Watch as Stoller shows how to hold the yarn, how to cast on, and how to do your first rows of stitches. (If you already know how to cast on, you can skip ahead to 2:40.) "Knitting is really just a matter of pulling one loop of yarn through another loop of yarn," she says. "It's really not that different from what you do each morning when you tie your shoes."


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Little Green Frog

Stitch 'N Bitch is such a great book. Cool projects, all the basic instructions and compact so you can fit it in your knitting bag. Unfortunately I lent my copy (along with Vogue Knitting!!!) to someone and never got them back. The worst part: I don't remember who! If I did, at least I could go to their house and get them myself :-(