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Ever since the fateful day two years ago when Lululemon founder Chip Wilson uttered a slew of idiotic comments (including one being about his yoga pants “not working for some women’s bodies), he has kept mum on his controversial statements—until now. Wilson, who also served as the company’s CEO, recently reflected on the 2013 Bloomberg interview in which he famously insulted his customers, calling it “the biggest disaster of my life.”


In response to customer claims about the yoga pants pilling, Wilson tried defending the quality of the fabric by suggesting the problem was due to thick thighs. “It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it,” he said at the time.

After the PR nightmare, the company experienced a loss of $6 billion in market value, reports The Globe and the Mail (via Racked). “I was honest, but, I tell you, I was wrong,” Wilson said to the publication. “My life was perfect up until this point and then it became a disaster not only for me but my family and Lululemon.” Earlier this year, Wilson stepped down from his position on the brand’s board of directors.


Wilson also managed to spout out a few words regarding former CEO Christine Day. Although he did not mention Day’s name, Wilson described a “she” who had stopped hiring product, quality and innovation experts. “It drove me crazy,” he said. Wilson is now putting his focus on his family’s upscale casual apparel line, Kit and Ace. Perhaps the Ayn Rand fan will be free to print Atlas Shrugged quotes on the shopping bags there—something Wilson had pushed for at Lululemon that he alleges Day was against.

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