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Ex-Football Player Pleads Guilty to Posting Revenge Porn On Instagram

Illustration for article titled Ex-Football Player Pleads Guilty to Posting Revenge Porn On Instagram

Jermaine Cunningham, former linebacker for the New York Jets, pleaded guilty to spreading sexually-revealing photos of a former girlfriend through his social media. Cunningham admitted to posting suggestive photos of his ex on his Instagram, as well as tagging her in the pictures without her consent. The posts revealed shots of the woman’s inner thigh, groin and buttocks.


Cunningham was charged under a New Jersey statute that makes it illegal to distribute sexual images without the person’s consent. According to Time, the law, which has been in place for the past ten years, was one of the first revenge porn statutes in the country. Cunningham also pled guilty to third-degree invasion of privacy and fourth-degree gun charges as part of a plea deal that will allow him to be placed on probation. He was arrested this past December when authorities found a .380 handgun in the glove compartment of his Audi and hollow-point bullets.

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When a man posts revenge porn, does he really think he’s making the woman look bad? Nothing advertises “I’M A FUCKING SCUMBAG DON’T TRUST ME” more than revenge porn.