Ex-Coworkers Accuse Top Gear Host Chris Evans of Flashing Them at Work

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Several men and women who worked with Chris Evans in the ’90s claim the BBC Top Gear host was known for exposing himself on the job.


The former colleagues who worked with Evans on the show The Big Breakfast (which started airing in 1992) allege that he showed his penis to multiple people in their office. According to Page Six (via screenshots from HeatStreet), the ex-staffers posted recollections of Evans’ alleged exposures in a conversation on Facebook. Rowan Somerville wrote:

“I remember those naked days… that first naked moment… it wasn’t yet dawn at [The Big Breakfast studio] Old Ford Lock and then it was there… an emanation of orange, like autumn come early… as if there was a russet colored burst of life from a not very dangerous firework…”

Nicola Gooch added:

“Yes Rowan I was subjected to that. Though for me it was more like a baby minnow helplessly flapping for life on a pile of beach leaves.”

“Let’s see how long before this gets out whether the BBC will want to cover up — figuratively speaking — again. I was supposed to be running the show when he [did] it and felt v embarrassed and undermined — f–k knows what a young runner must have felt about it. Or did everyone just laugh and think it was funny?”

Steven D. Wright chimed in with another disturbing image:

“He’d had a bath so dropped his towel and stood stark bollock naked for ten minutes while I prepped his next iv with Zig & Zag. I looked down at it then continued talking. I could tell he was annoyed I never ‘reacted’ and afterwards the Make Up girl (Debbie?) congratulated me on my sang froid. It was a classic bit of bullying but didn’t affect me although it would have been different if I’d been a young female runner though…”


Others also accused Evans of being a bully. According to HeatStreet, in a newspaper interview in 2005, Evans talked about getting joy from flashing people during company meetings at the time. Evans reportedly told the paper, “I haven’t done it for a while, but I will do it again… If you get your willy out, it’s the funniest thing in the world.”

We’ve reached out to BBC for comment.

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The Noble Renard

I have never once shown my dick to someone who didn’t want to see it. Which is why I simply don’t understand how hard it is for these people who go around showing off their todger all the time to keep it in their fucking pants in the workplace.

/that said, “a baby minnow helplessly flapping for life on a pile of beach leaves” is hysterical.