Everyone's Fighting Over How Big Josh Radnor's Deck Is

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Whether or not you’re a fan of Josh Radnor or How I Met your Mother, you have to admit that he has a beautiful deck. But is it too big?

TMZ reports that Radnor has been embroiled in a conflict over his house in the Hollywood Hills. Radnor had the right to extend his deck into his neighbor’s property as long as he built a retaining wall and walkway. For safety. But according to a lawsuit from his angry neighbor, Radnor rebuilt the deck in 2016 with no protection.

Without the retaining wall, they allege that the prior agreement is void. The neighbor wants Radnor to tear down his deck, which he has repeatedly refused to do. Once Radnor’s deck is up, it’s up. If only we all had a deck as luxurious as Josh Radnor’s to relax on this Memorial Day weekend.



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Yes, he did say that and yes, he did save her.

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