Today was an ordinary day until came along. Now, today is a Great Day.

Via Twitter, What Dog Dot Net is a website created by the same genius engineers who created, a website that proved highly divisive among Jezebel staff members. Mitch Goldberg, the development director at Microsoft Research whose UK-based team built the technology, says, ā€œWe were interested in enabling an app to allow you to make object recognition extraordinary, fun and surprising.ā€


Extraordinary, fun, and surprisingā€”Iā€™ll say! You can try the site for your dog:

This is wrong, but I am accustomed to my dog being misidentified, so whatever. More fun: try What Dog Dot Net on yourself and all your friends immediately.


When I vape, I am a Samoyed; when I donā€™t vape, Iā€™m a Pekingese:

As are all Asians, apparently.

Bobby is a Dutch Shepherd, Emma is a collie, and Joanna is a poodle.


Kate and Kara, split down the same photo, are a poodle and a chihuahuaā€”aw!

Our favorite also-ran Lincoln Chafee is whatever he wants to be:



I beg of you: go fetch a nice selfie, sit in front of your computer, and stay with What Dog Dot Net for a little while. Good girl. Good boy. Good comments.

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