Today was an ordinary day until came along. Now, today is a Great Day.

Via Twitter, What Dog Dot Net is a website created by the same genius engineers who created, a website that proved highly divisive among Jezebel staff members. Mitch Goldberg, the development director at Microsoft Research whose UK-based team built the technology, says, “We were interested in enabling an app to allow you to make object recognition extraordinary, fun and surprising.”


Extraordinary, fun, and surprising—I’ll say! You can try the site for your dog:

This is wrong, but I am accustomed to my dog being misidentified, so whatever. More fun: try What Dog Dot Net on yourself and all your friends immediately.


When I vape, I am a Samoyed; when I don’t vape, I’m a Pekingese:

As are all Asians, apparently.

Bobby is a Dutch Shepherd, Emma is a collie, and Joanna is a poodle.


Kate and Kara, split down the same photo, are a poodle and a chihuahua—aw!

Our favorite also-ran Lincoln Chafee is whatever he wants to be:



I beg of you: go fetch a nice selfie, sit in front of your computer, and stay with What Dog Dot Net for a little while. Good girl. Good boy. Good comments.

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