'Everyone Knows' Former White House Staffer Omarosa Loved Taping Meetings

Omarosa, second from left, Cabinet Room. Image via Getty.
Omarosa, second from left, Cabinet Room. Image via Getty.

The White House, specifically an Omarosa-Free Zone circa December 2017, continues to be plagued by Apprentice star-turned-former White House staffer Omarosa, with her everlasting affinity for appearing in places she does not belong and MAKING A SCENE. The New York Daily News reports that Omarosa, who was allegedly “physically dragged” out of the White House (read: “resigned”), in December, may have recordings of White House meetings. Because she enjoyed secretly recording everything, which “everyone knows,” which is both insane and absolutely probable.


A source tells the New York Daily News:

Everyone knows Omarosa loves to record people and meetings using the voice notes app on her iPhone. Don’t be surprised if she has secret audio files on everyone in that White House, past and present staffers included.

But a White House staffer tells the paper that it’s highly unlikely she would have been at a meeting of any significance to the Russia probe, but knowing her, she will find a way in. She has reportedly been meeting with celebrity attorneys Lisa Bloom and Monique Pressley.

It is also reportedly thanks to Omarosa that the White House has now instated a no-iPhone policy. Her legacy lives large.

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Michael Wolff didn’t carry a tape recorder; he used the recorder app on his phone. That’s why Trump & Co. were dumb enough to never realize just how much of their idiocy he was capturing. Now they have, hence the no-iPhone policy.

Edited to add: In my last days at a job I hated, I started recording every meeting I had with my boss, whom everyone agreed was an utter nightmare. Before I’d walk into her office, I’d hit record on the app on my phone, then hit the button that makes the screen go dark. In the meeting, I’d point the mic in her direction, put my phone on silent and turn it over; so if someone texted and “woke up” the phone, she wouldn’t see the recording indicator was on. I get that it was pretty cloak-and-dagger on my part, but she would lie about statements she previously made pretty routinely. And in a couple of conversations we were talking about my pay. You bet your ass I was going to protect myself.