Everyone Has An Opinion About The Late Amy Winehouse

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Today is the day that everyone pretends that they didn't make fun of Amy Winehouse and her demons, at least a little bit. It's all fun and games until someone ends up dead at age 27.

  • The singer reportedly spent Friday with her mom, who remarked that during their time together, she seemed out of it, and that it was "only a matter of time" before drugs and alcohol claimed her daughter's life. [ONTD]

    Her dad was on a flight to New York when the news broke that his daughter had passed. He is "devastated." [Digital Spy]

    Courtney Love is reportedly "gutted" by her passing, saying she tried twice to help her. [ONTD]

    Russell Brand posted a lovely posthumous tribute to his kindred spirit in crazy British coif having on his website

    I arrived late and as I made my way to the audience through the plastic smiles and plastic cups I heard the rolling, wondrous resonance of a female vocal. Entering the space I saw Amy on stage with Weller and his band; and then the awe. The awe that envelops when witnessing a genius. From her oddly dainty presence that voice, a voice that seemed not to come from her but from somewhere beyond even Billie and Ella, from the font of all greatness. A voice that was filled with such power and pain that it was at once entirely human yet laced with the divine. My ears, my mouth, my heart and mind all instantly opened. Winehouse. Winehouse? Winehouse! That twerp, all eyeliner and lager dithering up Chalk Farm Road under a back-combed barnet, the lips that I'd only seen clenching a fishwife fag and dribbling curses now a portal for this holy sound.

    And if you're like me and you're always surprised when celebrities are capable of writing in complete sentences because years of listening to Sean Penn listen to himself talk and Jennifer Aniston answering questions about her hair have forced you to lower your standards for celebrity communication vs. normal humans, you'll be blown away by Brand's tribute. [Russell Brand]

    Amy reportedly just broke up with an on-again, off-again boyfriend and on Friday night purchased a smorgasbord of drugs- cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, and heroin. Unfortunately, they weren't to be displayed in a Things You Shouldn't Put in Your Body museum. A "source" that sounds a lot like it could be Amy's drug dealer (because who buys drugs in an open air market? Not celebrities.) reported that Amy seemed determined to have "a big one" on Friday night. [Daily Mail]

    Amy's music is lighting up iTunes. [Digital Spy]

    While Brand, Love, and tabloids have speculated that Amy's grand entrance into The 27 Club was the result of her years-long and very public battle with drugs and alcohol, the cause of her death officially remains "unexplained." An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning. [TMZ]

    Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is addicted to sunglasses. While she's officially too old to join The 27 Club, it's still important that she takes control of her sunglasses addiction before she's wheeled out of her house on a stretcher. "Addicted to sunglasses." Shut up, Kim Kardashian. [music.com/news.nsf/story/kim-kardashians-sunglasses-addiction_1235477">Contact Music]

    But Kim Kardashian won't shut up, ever! She had her bachelorette party at Tao Las Vegas last night. There was a cake shaped like a penis (which is a pretty ironic thing to give someone who became famous for being around an actual, non-cake penis on film) and a male stripper! It was just like a regular bachelorette party- boring and tired- but much more expensive. Her giant fiancee was having his bachelor party in the same town a few watering holes down, and at 2am, Kim crashed his bachelor party. Cringe. [People]

    David and Victoria Beckham are giving all of their baby gifts to charity. To prevent Verucca Salt Syndrome (most famously displayed on young Suri Cruise) newborn daughter, Harper Seven will have a Cinderella pre-fairy-godmother existence for the first 16 years of her life, living as a servant and wearing rags. Unfortunately, she's just a baby right now and isn't that great at manual dexterity and thus is terrible at polishing the silver. [Contact Music]

    Our favorite NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, at best a creepy creep and at worst a predatory danger to society, has gotten married. I hope the bride registered for a Kevlar wardrobe, because she sure is not dodging any bullets. [ONTD]

    Rhys Ifans was arrested for battery at Comic-Con, netting him about as many tough guy points as would be awarded to him if he was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm at the World Chess Championship or embezzlement at a monster truck rally. [Reuters]

    Twilight fans at Comic-Con admitted that the thing they care about the most in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is the fucking. [MTV]

    My, but does the cast of Game of Thrones ever have pretty man-manes. [Just Jared]

    Justin Timberlake doesn't know if he'll ever sing again and wants to stick to acting. This is kind of like when Michael Jordan decided to try playing minor league baseball for awhile. What Justin doesn't seem to understand about life, and about Sexy, that once you bring Sexy back, it doesn't just stick around forever. If you don't engage with Sexy and make it feel welcome, the Sexy will retreat back from whence it came. [HuffPo]

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Beyond Ella Fitzgerald? Really?

I'm as devastated as the next fan about Amy J. Winehouse, but to hear folks overstate her importance to the point where they claim that she "brought soul to the mainstream", "brought R&B back", and that "her voice went beyond Billie Holiday's and Ella Fitzgerald's" is getting on my last nerve - especially since mainstream media loves to elevate a white artist performing Black music to a level that they don't bother to acknowledge for the Black artists that paved the way (saved for a select few like Aretha Franklin).

One of the reasons why I adored Amy was because her love and appreciation for Black music (soul/doo-wop/blues/hip hop) was genuine (as opposed to the scores of culture vultures out there) and she actually understood it (as opposed to merely mimicking it, a la Joss Stone and Duffy). I never got the impression that she was appropriating Black music to make a buck, but some of her fans (Russell Brand included) need to educate themselves on music history before claiming her as being "beyond Billie or Ella" and believing in the hype of this Spin cover.