Everybody Hates Mitt

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It’s seeming increasingly unlikely that any living soul likes Mitt Romney. Perhaps this is a bit hyperbolic—but a recent event has given me occasion to marvel at the Republican senator’s ability to piss off just about everyone.


On Saturday, Romney was raucously booed and heckled while speaking at a Utah Republican Party convention, according to the New York Times. In other words, while speaking before an audience of his supposed allies, in his home state.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?” Romney said to the crowd, which was full of the party’s official delegates. “I understand that I have a few folks that don’t like me terribly much, and I’m sorry about that. But I express my mind as I believe is right, and I follow my conscience as I believe is right.”

Reader, the crowd was not embarrassed (I imagine). They continued to call Romney a “traitor” and “communist” until the outgoing chairman of the Utah Republican Party reportedly urged the delegates to “show respect” for the congressman. It’s also crucial to note that this speech preceded a vote to censure Romney for voting to convict Trump during the former president’s second Senate impeachment trial. The delegates’ vote failed, but only narrowly, with 798 voting against the censure and 711 voting in favor of it.

This is precisely the sort of situation politicians find themselves in when they claim to be moderate and reasonable but in truth have no right to these labels, instead using them as a clever distraction from the fact that they have no real convictions. Romney is one of these spineless lawmakers, willing to side with Democrats sometimes, but not when it truly counts. And for that reason he’ll continue to be both a thorn in the side of Democrats’ and a so-called traitor in the eyes of his own party.

And so, again, one wonders: Does anyone actually like Mitt Romney?

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Look on the scales of where I wish perspectives came together in a bipartisan fashion (not fucking really though), this is definitely one of the top ones.

Mitt Romney is a full blown scumbag, who has been absolutely complicit in the economic downturn of this country (not him alone, sure, but in philosophy he has most certainly advanced it).

It is absolutely worth reading this Rolling Stone article on that shit eating grinning asshole to really get a sense of how he is absolutely incapable of being a representative of anyone but coke railing sociopaths.


I wish I believed in hell to imagine that fucker going straight there once he leaves his costume, but that’s not going to happen, so the very FUCKING least we can do is make sure we don’t remember him as someone who actually had a spine, regardless if how disgusting that party has become.

It’s literally become a situation where the party is being torn apart by the facts that there’s some old school irrelevant and increasingly (exponentially) gatekeepers who don’t want the rest saying the quiet parts loud.

Republicans make me wish I wasn’t a godless heathen just so I could believe in a hell that they will eventually be sent to, and what a fucking shitty way to desire faith.