Every Parent's Worst Nightmare: Frozen Is Coming to Broadway

If you have children under a certain age, then you’ve likely seen Frozen more times than you can count. You probably also know all of the lyrics to “Let It Go,” which, at first, you appreciated for its defiant lyrics, but now you’ve come to truly loathe that dumb song. And maybe you’d like to have a word or two with Olaf. Or maybe that’s just me and you love Frozen and that Taylor Swift-Idina Menzel duet was the stuff of dreams.

But whatever camp you’re in, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up seeing the Frozen musical that’s heading to Broadway in the Spring of 2018. Entertainment Weekly reports that Disney announced today that it is currently adapting its beloved musical for stage and expects to stage an “out-of-town tryout” in summer 2017 before heading to the Great White Way.

Alex Timbers (Mozart in the Jungle) will direct and the movie’s original composers, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, are writing even more songs for you child to sing during bathtime. No word yet on whether or not Menzel will reprise her role as ice queen Elsa.

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I give thanks to the parenting gods every day my little ones didn’t get super into Frozen.

Though I would gladly watch Frozen a 100 times than watch one more goddamn episode of goddamn Dinosaur Train. I take comfort in knowing that all of those dinosaurs died horrible fiery deaths when a asteroid collided with earth. My kids don't even watch it that much, so this isn't even fatigue talking. It's just that fucking bad.