Every Asshole-ish Thing The Bachelorette's Bentley Has Said About Ashley

When Bentley's web of lies began to unravel in last night's episode of The Bachelorette, he finally decided that he was "just not that into" Ashley and went home. Good riddance! Here's every asshole thing he said about Ashley behind her back — and, sadly, to her face.


If you've ever had to sit back and watch a friend date someone you just knew didn't give a shit about them in return, you know the really uncomfortable feeling we've have been experiencing while watching The Bachelorette lately. And it's obvious that the producers want it that way. They've set us up! From this season's very first episode, Ashley receives texts from a friend saying that a contestant named Bentley has been cast on the show and is there for "all the wrong reasons." After meeting him, Ashley proceeds to fall hard for him anyway.

While Ashley knew that Bentley was probably bad news, she didn't know about all of the terrible, misogynistic things he said about her to the cameras when she wasn't around. Above, for your viewing pleasure — or displeasure! — are all of the nasty things this jerk-off said about poor Ashley during his three-episode tenure on the series. Shame on Bentley for being such a shallow person — but then again, what did we expect from a dude named after a luxury car?

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I deleted this show off of my series list after last night's episode. Ashley's douchebag radar is not even defective, it's completely off. She was warned ahead of time that Bentley was a douchebag, he treated her like dirt, and she invited him to come back and stomp all over her again. He's stroking her hair like a child while he breaks up with her, and when I saw that, all I could think was that as soon as he started touching me like that I'd have told him he could leave NOW. It was like the producers were deliberately trying to make Ashley look bad and show as much of her pain as possible. Despite the fact that only one of the couples (?) have gotten married, Ashley says she knows this process can work. Uh, no, it doesn't when you're letting the producers pick the participants for ratings and not compatibility. I couldn't watch the rest of Bentley's leaving scene, and I fast-forwarded through the rose ceremony just to see who left. I won't watch the rest of the season. I refuse to lose any more brain cells to this garbage.