Everlast Told Donald Trump He Can Only Jump Around to His Song If It's into a Ditch

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Erik Schrody, more commonly known as Everlast, caught wind of Trump playing House of Pain’s “Jump Around” at his rallies. Looks like Schrody wants Trump to pack it up, pack it in with that.


The musician took to social media to announce he’d be sending Donald Trump a cease and desist, and word to your moms he came to drop bombs:

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You better believe a lot of Everlast’s fans are Trump supporters. His Facebook and Instagram feed immediately exploded with threats to bust him in the eye. Everlast eventually responded with a thoughtful reflection on how to appropriately call Trump a garbage-snarfling sludge monster, writing:

Though I stand behind my opposition to Donald Trump, I will say I regret letting my anger get the best of me and resorting to name calling and threatening to smack him. In my anger and dislike for the man and his tactics I wound up sounding just like him and that I regret. I’m not in anyway changing my stance but unlike Mr. Trump I can admit a mistake and try not to repeat it. As much as I think Mr. Drumpf is a lying , manipulating , sociopath that only uses racist and divisive tactics I don’t wish his supporters any ill will. You have the right to vote for whoever you want that’s what MAKES AMERICA GREAT. I’m not telling anyone to vote for any specific candidate but I know for sure Trump won’t be mine. To be honest this is the worst group of candidates I can remember.

You’re not alone, buddy. This incident has actually made me really appreciate Everlast’s sense of humor, which is not something I’d ever thought I’d say:


He also shared this video made by fans of House of Pain and enemies of Donald Trump.

He came to get down. He came to get down. Now his toupee is getting blown around.


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I know this isn’t an open forum and yet I cannot contain my excitement. Given that Everlast is a has been, can I talk about my waiting to exhale moment? This is totally out of the normal commenting but I just had to give a huge thank you to so many Jezebelians who talked me off the ledge while selling our house. My house sale closed today and I am finally debt free!! I literally paid off our mortgage, credit cards, car loans and medical debt. We have enough left over to buy a smaller house for cash and pay for our sons college tuitions, also debt free. I walked out of that closing just numb. Last week I had credit card companies calling, I had no idea how I would pay for my kids tuition and today I just cried. Sobbed. I have never felt such happiness in my life. I came home after the title company signing and just collapsed and sobbed. Waiting to exhale...