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Even Your Leggings Are Making You Fat

Illustration for article titled Even Your Leggings Are Making You Fat

It's official: From sugar to sitting to leggings, all of your favorite things are making you fat. Or so the marginally insane theory goes, courtesy of physiotherapist Sammy Margo who warns:

"Leggings feel good and look great and I am as addicted to them as anyone, but there is a downside. They hold in and support the quadriceps (thigh muscles), buttocks and core muscles in your tummy, and do the job the muscles are supposed to do. As a result, the muscles are allowed to relax and switch off, so when we reveal our bodies for the first time as summer approaches, they are not as svelte or firm as they otherwise would be."


Aw, dammit, Sammy Margo! Can't you let us have just this one thing? Just this once?

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Bullshit. My skinny jeans are tighter & more constrictive than leggings.

Also, long held beauty & weight loss secrets fly against this. Many women have found Spanx & girdles effective at helping them reclaim their pre-baby bodies. The idea being that if you let your body spread & blob, that's exactly what it will do. If you keep it sucked in tight, it will follow suit.

This counterintuitive malarkey is like saying push up bras make your boobs saggy.