Even Trey MacDougal Hated Trey MacDougal

Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle MacLachlan
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Mr. Big was an asshole. Aiden was a man child. Steve was the only truly hot one (don’t talk to me about Smith Jerrod okay, he doesn’t count and I won’t be elaborating on that further), and I would literally die for Harry, a sweet, sweet mensch of a man. I’d like to say that Berger was the worst man on Sex and the City, predominantly because he’s a real whiny piece of shit, but I think we all know that honor belongs to Trey MacDougal. And, as it turns out, so does Trey MacDougal, or, at least, the actor who played him.

Talking to Page Six, Kyle MacLachlan, the actor responsible for bringing MacDougal to life for us, said that he wasn’t any more fond of Trey’s antics than the viewers at home were. “I was angry at the character actually,” he said, “What’s this cardboard baby?”

MacLachlan is obviously referring to the episode in season four of the show where Trey brings home a cardboard baby for Charlotte as a joke after they experience fertility issues. A real class act, that Trey.

“I asked the writers and they said, ‘Oh, it’s funny,’ so I went, ‘OK, I’m not sure I think so but OK.’ There was definitely a side to Trey that was a little oblivious to certain things. And [“SATC” viewers] had every right to be angry with me if that’s the case. I was angry with me!”


I’m not sure if ‘funny’ is exactly the word I’d use to describe it, but if time and distance have taught us anything it’s that there are many aspects of the show that have tended not to age well. (Like, you know, the glaring lack of representation, their treatment of trans sex workers, the bi-erasure, and, of course, anything they did with Miranda’s hair for the first three seasons.)

Personally, I’m more offended by the time Trey came on Charlotte’s leg and then offered to grab her a hanky, and also by the fact that she proposed to him and he said ‘alrighty,’ but maybe MacLachlan will talk about those issues at a later date. For now, we’ll have to be contented with knowing that at least Trey MacDougal knows how insufferable Trey MacDougal was.

If only we could get Mikhail Baryshnikov to acquiesce to the fact that Aleksandr Petrovsky was, to put it plainly, a fucking loser, we might make some real progress. [Page Six]

Bebe Rexha wants you to start biting your nails, I assume. Either that or, no, I think that’s pretty much just it. Rexha, in collaboration with Sinful Colors, has launched a line of nail polish that smells (and looks?) like some of your favorite snack foods, because who doesn’t want a manicure that leaves your hands smelling like cheese puffs or tacos? Me. Definitely me.


As someone who had way too much of an affinity for the Dr. Pepper flavored (and tinted!) Lip Smacker chapstick back in the day, I’m definitely no stranger to food adjacent cosmetics, nor am I typically opposed to them. However, as someone who also bit my nails for far longer than I care to admit, this polish line seems like a recipe for relapse.

Couple that with the fact that the Taco Tuesday shade looks like that Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean that supposed to taste like vomit, and I’m out before I was ever in. As a matter of fact, pretty much all of the shades, with maybe the exceptions of Chocolate Cake and Cheese Puff, look like you threw up after eating too much of whatever scent it’s named after. And, depending on how many cheese puffs you can shovel down your gullet, that description of that shade might be accurate too.


Perplexingly, all shades with the exception of Taco Tuesday are currently sold out, so if you were hoping to have your hands smell like cheese puffs for an interminate amount of time, for now, you’ll have to go about it the analog way. By eating a bag of cheese puffs and then not washing your hands. Challenge accepted. [Page Six]

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