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Even January Jones Thinks That Betty Draper is "Straight-up Crazy"

It seems every talk show has Mad Men fever, and today's Live featured January Jones and a spoiler-filled clip from season 4. We're just glad to hear we're not the only ones who think Betty Draper is a bad mother.

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It's interesting to me how easy most viewers (including me) find it to dislike Betty, while at the same time finding it hard not to like Don.

Betty is an awful mom, and she's petty and childish and frequently whiny. But she's also lived a life limited by the sexist expectations of her time and her social set. Her husband cheats on her constantly (and worse, lied to her about who even is) and her parents taught her that as long as she was beautiful, she'd get whatever she wanted.

Don does horrible things as well (see above). And while he's more sensitive to his kids at times, he's a complete absentee father. He has shoved Betty around during arguments. He turned his back on his brother. He is often petty, jealous, unkind and unreasonable with his mistresses.

They're both beautiful. Is it just his charm that gets Don off so easy? Jones' Betty is quite brittle, after all. Or is this more of the usual double standard, where men get credit for "trying" and women are punished when they fail to meet completely unreasonable expectations?