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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Essence Picks A Trio Of Black Supermodels For September Cover

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Liya Kebede grace the cover of Essence's 40th anniversary September issue. [Fashion Bomb Daily]
  • Two retail bigwigs got into a wee fight about how much of Martha Stewart's products they each sell. [P6]
  • Victoria Beckham is said to be working on a handbag line for her namesake fashion brand with the very talented accessories designer Katie Hillier. [Vogue UK]
  • Avril Lavigne, on her new perfume: "I was involved with everything because I have to make sure it's something that I can stand behind and it has to represent me. Not only visually did I go through everything with creating the box, font and bottle, but I went through the whole message behind it including the ad campaign and commercial. I like the fragrance because you can wear it at day and night." [PopEater]
  • Actress Lea Michele actually asked a brand if she could hold onto a dress she liked from a shoot. Jill Stuart found this courtesy impressive. Isn't that setting the bar a little low? [P6]
  • Stylist Lori Goldstein: "The people that I have always been drawn to are the worker bees. Whether that's Steven Meisel — whoever it is — nobody I know wants to be a celebrity. They're attracted to the work itself. Karl Lagerfeld once said to me, 'We have class. Working class!'" [Fashionista]
  • "Designing for Bebe was the perfect first step because it really got our feet wet," says Kim Kardashian. "Now we feel that we are ready to branch off and do our own thing with a company that is widely international." The Kardashian sisters' new clothing line is expected to generate U.S. sales of $20-$40 million in its first year. [WWD]
  • Richie Rich says the theme for his show this September is "Popluxe." Which means: "It's about pop culture in general, and my life in New York so far, and my friends. I like a resurgence of naughtiness; S&M mixed with a sort of debutante ball, but pretty, pretty, pretty." [The Cut]
  • Joseph Altuzarra says of his September collection, "I'm still focusing on the same sort of woman and on tailoring but I'll be taking it more into daywear. I'm not inspired by just one set thing for spring. Whereas last season it was very much based upon Tim Burton's film aesthetic, this collection will be more cross-referential — if you look at different points of inspiration you can create something very new and fresh. I'll be using reoccurring shapes and seeing how they are used in different cultures." You say Tim Burton, we say Tom Ford c.a. Gucci, but, as the kids say, whatevs. [Vogue UK]
  • Sally Hershberger, she of the $800 haircuts, has been hit with a $140,000 tax lien by the IRS. [P6]
  • Armani Exchange is doing 3-D ads. [WWD]
  • Cathy Horyn explains the Innovative Design Piracy and Protection Act, the bill proposed by Senator Charles Schumer that would offer some legal protection to designers whose work is knocked off. "The proposed legislation provides very limited intellectual property protection to the most original design. A designer who claims that his work has been copied must show that his design provides 'a unique, distinguishable, non-trivial and non-utilitarian variation over prior designs.' And it must be proven by the designer that the copy is 'substantially identical' to the original so as to be mistaken for it. The bill would cover all fashion designs, including products like handbags, belts and sunglasses, for a three-year period from the time the item is seen in public — on a runway, say. Factors than can't be used in determining the uniqueness of a design are color, patterns and a graphic element. In other words, the bar is extremely high to determine what qualifies as a unique and distinguishable fashion design." [On The Runway]
  • Street style blogs are The Most Important Blogs Of Our Time. And if you want to get snapped by Beautiful Stranger, it might help to put on your best outfit and hang around outside Café Gitane in downtown Manhattan. (Watch out for Terry, he likes it there too!) And leave your Uggs, gladiator sandals, long casual dresses, and overly revealing clothing at home, says the Wall Street Journal. Meh. This was more fun when Refinery29 did it. [WSJ]
  • The opening of a Bloomingdale's in Santa Monica drew Barbra Streisand, Diane Keaton, and Donna Karan, among others. The event raised $125,000 for the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute's Women's Heart Center, and Women's Wear Daily reports: "'They are going to have coffee yogurt here, coffee frozen yogurt — my fave,' [Streisand] exclaimed. Turning to the serious matter of heart disease, Streisand informed the crowd of 200, 'It's not just a man's disease anymore. This is now a women's epidemic.'" [WWD]
  • Chicer-than-chic Parisian boutique Colette is selling an exclusive colorway of one of Isabel Toledo's shoes for Payless for $46. If you want to buy any of the regular versions at, you know, Payless, you'll have to wait until September 7. [Racked]
  • L'Wren Scott did a holiday makeup collection for Lancôme. [WWD]
  • This was the line outside the Alexander Wang sample sale in New York yesterday. [Fashionista]
  • Everybody wants some Wang! Even the spendy Saudi princess. [P6]
  • After 11 consecutive quarters of net losses, Liz Claiborne's C.E.O. is cautiously optimistic about a return to the black in the next three months. [WWD]
  • Lily Cole is sick of your pathetic anti-red-haired prejudice, everyone. "When I was younger I definitely did [face anti-ginger prejudice]," Cole says. "As a child all teasing hurts, whether it's because you're fat or a different race or have red hair. I had enough comments from a couple of people to make it a sore point. I sympathise with children who are going through it but when they get older and are away from stupid children making comments, most people grow to love their red hair." [Vogue UK]
  • Rick Moranis impersonator and magazine publisher Olivier Zahm seems to be getting over his breakup with his primary girlfriend, Natacha Ramsay. She left him for another man, but, as Zahm writes, "It meant a world to me Natacha that you came to see me yesterday. I'm aware now that I have no choice than to let you go. Speaking with you, kissing you, holding you the all day, saved my life." And also this probably helps (second link NSFW). Polyamory: It's complicated. [Purple Diary]
  • We don't know what this is, but WE NEED IT NOW. [Racked]