Escalator Malfunction Leaves At Least 20 Injured in Rome

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In Rome, at least 20 people suffered injuries on Tuesday night after an escalator loaded with passengers rapidly sped downward into a metro station.

CNN reports that the majority of wounded individuals were Russian soccer fans en route to a Champions League match between Roma and CSKA Moscow. Italian officials say some people were injured quite seriously, according to the BBC, and that most of those who were hurt suffered leg injuries. According to HuffPost, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that one person’s foot had been partially severed.

The accident was filmed and—full disclosure before you press play—appears just as horrific as you can imagine, filled with screams as commuters are flung to the ground by the manic escalator.


While the cause of the malfunction remains unknown, police say witnesses saw excited soccer fans “singing and jumping” on the escalator just moments before, HuffPost reports—singing being an unlikely culprit.

This is what the gaping, mangled escalator that did this looks like.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

I don’t know how many of you are NY’ers, but this is the terrifyingly long and steep escalator by the Jacob Javits Center. I get wobbly going down every time!This is about the halfway mark