Erykah Badu Denies She Was Asked to Be in Surviving R. Kelly

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Erykah Badu hasn’t exactly been quiet in her support for R. Kelly. At the 2015 Soul Train Awards, Badu introduced Kelly saying he has “done more for black people than anyone.” At a show in Chicago this past weekend Badu told the crowd she was “putting up a prayer” for Kelly, telling the crowd that booing him isn’t “unconditional love,” NBC Chicago reports.


“What if one of the people who was assaulted by R. Kelly becomes an offender?” she asked. “We gonna crucify them too?”

Good lord.

Previously Surviving R. Kelly producer dream hampton said in an interview that Badu was one the celebrities she asked to participate in the documentary, but on Tuesday Badu disputed that on Twitter, writing, “That’s not true. I’ve never worked with him, don’t know him personally, and was never asked to be a part of the documentary.” Then hampton chimed in:


hampton ultimately declined to post the producer’s request to have Badu on the show.

Since Surviving R. Kelly several celebrities have finally spoken out against Kelly given the allegations in the documentary. Last Friday, Sony and RCA Records reportedly parted ways with Kelly after the #MuteRKelly campaign aggressively campaigned for the label to drop him.

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Badu introduced Kelly saying he has “done more for black people than anyone.”

I think she meant “more TO black people”, but still, even there he falls short.

Done the most FOR black people:

  • MLK
  • Malcolm X
  • Rosa Parks
  • Barack Obama
  • Frederick Douglass
  • .... and many, many, more.

Done the most TO black people:

  • King Ferdinand, and the rest of the European royalty that carved up Africa into colonies.
  • Slave traders.
  • Jefferson Davis
  • Slave owners
  • KKK
  • Jeff Sessions
  • Donald Trump, Kushner and all the other real estate moguls that violate landlord laws to screw over black tenants.
  • .... and many, many, more.

R. Kelly is a horrible person. But not the best or the worst ever. Just a regular old violent criminal.