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Ernest Borgnine Dies at 95

Illustration for article titled Ernest Borgnine Dies at 95

Ernest Borgnine, whom you might remember either for his genial gap-toothed grin or his evil gap-toothed grin depending on what movie generation you hail from, died today at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at the well-seasoned age of 95. Apart from adapting to roles as villain (From Here to Eternity), brotastic sidekick (The Wild Bunch), and careless hot dog eating sports tycoon (BASEketball), Borgnine won an Oscar for his role in the low-budget film adaptation of Paddy Chayefsky's teleplay Marty. In 1966, Borgnine, alluding to his whirlwind marriage to Ethel Merman, told an interview, "The Oscar made me a star, and I'm grateful. But I feel had I not won the Oscar I wouldn't have gotten into the messes I did in my personal life," which is too honest a thought to be depressing. Borgnine continued to act well in the twilight of his career, insisting adorably that getting in front of the camera made him "feel young again." That, as the following video will demonstrate, wasn't his only secret to maintaining his youthful vigor.

Oscar-winning star Ernest Borgnine dies at 95 [AP]


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Les Ananas ne parlent pas

Ernest Borgnine will forever be the grandfather in the last aired episode of MST3K, Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders. Rock and roll martian, indeed.