Erin Gibson's Having A Tough Time Being The Next Sarah Haskins

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When Sarah Haskins left Current, we mourned the loss of "Target Women" and her chick-centric take on pop culture. Now Current presents Erin Gibson, who has a segment titled "Modern Lady."

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Gibson's first clip aired last week, and reactions are mixed. Sara Reihani at Bitch Media writes:

To be honest, I don't think Gibson is quite as funny as Haskins in what has been shown so far, but she did just start, her "Modern Lady" segment was good, and dammit, those are some big lady-shoes to fill.


That's a hell of a lot nicer that what some commenters are saying on Currents's site ("AttilaTheFun" snarks, "I'll give you a few more weeks to get the hang of this, but so far I'm not hopeful." Oh, how generous!)

Gibson has her work cut out for her (so many commenters obviously just miss Sarah Haskins) but it seems like she's made a great start. In case you missed it, here's the clip in which she has a great idea about what to give your mother for Mother's Day:

And all the haters out there should know: Sarah Haskins ceremonially passed on the ladyculture critique duties to Erin Gibson by giving her the "golden tampon":

Give her a chance! She loves bricks.

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Hazey Jane

I think she's pretty funny. Like others have said, she's no Sarah Haskins, but then again, Sarah Haskins is no Erin Gibson. I think she'll do just fine and when people get over their snits about Haskins being gone, I think they'll enjoy the new girl.