Erin Brockovich Is Taking Her Talents to Flint

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In Flint, Michigan, Erin Brockovich has joined the cavalry: the famed environmental activist is bringing her talents to the Mitten. She’ll be helping lawyers organize a class action suit for the embattled residents.

Brockovich, whose 1993 fight against water poisoning by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California was immortalized by Julia Roberts, met with Flint residents this week to discuss the lawsuit, according to ABC 12.

In other Flint news, Mayor Karen Weaver and Governor Rick Snyder don’t see eye to eye on when to replace the poisonous lead pipes in Flint, according to the Detroit Free Press. Snyder wants to assess the pipes and begin work within the next 30 days, while Weaver’s wants the work to begin immediately.

“We’re going to get this done — and done quickly — by any and every means necessary,” Weaver said in a statement. “The people of my city have simply run out of patience, and I have a moral obligation to act.”


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Wow. Seriously surprised at the comments of hate for this woman.

I would think that the amount of hate here would be focused on the people who caused this problem and not a woman who wants to continue to draw attention to it, in our move on to the next thing that does’t affect us society.