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Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million in Peeping Tom Suit

Erin Andrews, the Fox Sports correspondent who sought $75 million after being secretly videotaped in a hotel room by her stalker, has been awarded $55 million, according to The Tennesseean. The award will be split between the assailant—51-year-old peeping tom Michael David Barrett—as well as the owner and management company of the Nashville Marriott hotel where the incident occurred.


The jury deliberated for just seven hours before coming to their verdict. Andrews, whose complaint in the nine-day trial alleged “severe and permanent emotional distress, embarrassment, past and future medical expenses,” among others, reportedly wept as the verdict was read.



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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

If you haven’t been following this, the key here is that the hotel employees facilitated the video by telling the stalker where her room was and allowing his request to stay right next to her, I guess because they thought it would cute to let him perv on her.