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Equinox Gym Offering Free Hurricane Workouts if You're Crazy Enough to Leave Your House

Illustration for article titled Equinox Gym Offering Free Hurricane Workouts if Youre Crazy Enough to Leave Your House

New York has shuttered its entire public transportation system. The streets of the five boroughs are empty, save for the howling winds and a few lone rats, scuttling away from steadily rising waves of water.


Yet! All Equinox gyms are open for business. Here's an email we just received:

Last August, Hurricane Irene didn't stop us from delivering an unparalleled experience; Hurricane Sandy won't either. We are open regular hours today and tomorrow and invite you to come in for a complimentary workout.

Of course, we take safety seriously, and as such, we are operating with leaner staff. Please use your judgment while traveling.

We hope to see you in the club!

In Good Health,

Jessica Kayser
General Manager
Equinox Brooklyn Heights

Don't use the Frankenstorm as an excuse to get all flabby, now.

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Okay, cranky time here: the media *does* realize that a good portion of he continent are not affected by Sandy, right? I mean, there was a flipping earthquake on the west coast just yesterday.