We wrote about a man yesterday who hit on a model by writing "iamrich@google.com" on a napkin. "There is, of course, the chance that his name is 'Rich?'" we surmised. As it happens, it is. We received this email today:

I read your article about the 'Epic Douchebag' so thought I would e-mail to clear up the story :) My name is actually Rich, unfortunately I'm not super wealthy... I changed my e-mail to Iamrich@ as no one can ever spell my last name when I tell them on the phone and this way it's super easy to remember. I live in London and was just visiting NYC, hitting on beautiful girls takes a lot of courage as you get shot down a lot, (classic example) so no regrets here. It happened over a year ago now and she never emailed ;) So rude! haha.

Anyway hope that helps!

Have an awesome weekend.

Not-rich Rich added that his friends thought the whole thing was hilarious. To apologize to Not-rich Rich, who has a fabulous sense of humor, here is my offer: all women who are interested in dating Rich (you should probably live in/near London) can email me and I'll hook it up.