EP of The Real O'Neals Says the Show Wasn't in Danger Following Noah Galvin's Controversial Remarks

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In early June, the newbie actor Noah Galvin escaped the clutches of his PR team and gave an incendiary interview to Vulture. Galvin is a young gay man, and he had some strong opinions on what constitutes being “out,” the performance of Eric Stonestreet in Modern Family, and Bryan Singer. Those opinions blew up in his face.


Galvin pretty quickly gave an apology, and some of his remarks were retracted from the interview, specifically those about the X-Men director. It was then rumored that Galvin’s show, The Real O’Neals, almost got cancelled following his comments. The series was entering its second season, and ratings hadn’t been amazing. ABC only renewed it a few days before their upfronts in May. With Galvin’s controversy on top of their hesitation, many thought the mid-season show would simply disappear.

Yet, it continues. It seems like the cast and crew of the show have moved on from the scandal, and now they’d love it if everyone else would too. Deadline reports that executive producer Casey Johnson refuted the rumors that the show was going to be cut back at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

“There wasn’t any threat to cut our orders. ABC has been incredibly supportive… The article came out and Noah regretted what he said and apologized really quickly,” he said. “We’ve all said things that we wished we hadn’t. There wasn’t that much buzzing behind the scenes… it’s all good.”

We’ve all said things we wish we hadn’t about powerful Hollywood directors and almost had it ruin our careers. Now, let’s please never mention it again.

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Kat Marlowe

ABC wasn’t going to cancel it after picking it up. Noah is just another young actor who got a little money and a little (emphasis on little) fame thrown his way and decided to use the opportunity to show what an obnoxious twit he is. ABC saw it for the minor controversy it was.

Instead, they’ll wait until the mid-season, drop it from the schedule, and then (maybe) burn off the remaining episodes in the summer or throw them over to Hulu. None of this will be in reaction to Galvin’s remarks, just because the show is sort of meh and the ratings reflect that.