Entrepreneur Seeks "Virtual Dating Assistants" For Busy Online Daters

Are you unemployed and unscrupulous? Perhaps you would enjoy a job conducting people's online dating lives for them. If so, here's the Craigslist ad for you:

Virtual Dating Assistant (U.S.)

My business is growing and I need help creating male and female internet dating profiles, headlines, tag lines, and writing emails to women that clients are interested in. My clients are 28-62, professionals - so no PUA.

Each profile would be custom - I'll send you a written summary.

Emails have to be customized to the person (no create, copy and paste emails that are sent to all) and targeted to get positive responses.

Profiles and emails have to be a combination of fun and professional.

Completed profiles are 300-350 words, and emails 30-75 words.

I would need a fast turnaround - the longest is 48 hours for each profile and every 10 emails. Writing has to be good -when emails get a positive reponse then bonuses maybe paid (TBD).

PLEASE READ - WON'T BE CONSIDERED UNLESS THIS PIECE IS INCLUDED. For consideration, SEND a sample of an email that you would consider writing to a woman.Writing for internet dating is different than magazines, publications, etc. so someone with previous virtual dating assistant experience preferred.This is similar to ghost writing as email needs to sound like the client's profile.

The better and faster someone is - the more work s/he will get.

Confidentiality agreement and 1099 will be completed before start of assignments.


It's heartwarming that the Virtual Dating Assistant will have to write personalized emails — guess that means the dude who just writes, "I like ur profile. U sexy gurl" is out for himself. Also, the VDA would have to be extra-careful not to be wittier than his/her clients — imagine the disappointment of the lady or dude whose date is way less entertaining in person. But if you can satisfy these requirements, the sky's the limit! Why stop with online dating? A truly great VDA could handle busy people's valentines, birthday cards, even wedding vows. There's a budding industry here, and all you need to cash in is a good typing speed and total comfort with the grisly death of romance.

Virtual Dating Assistant (U.S.) [Craigslist]

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A friend of mine met a guy on match.com that she really liked but the first date was a dud. She went on two more dates with him because their email communication was so great, but it didn't match what he was like in person.

Finally at the end of the third date she brought up the difference between what he was like online and what he was like in real life. Turns out a female friend was writing all the emails for him in attempt to help him get a girlfriend.

Yeah, they're not dating anymore.