Entourage Bros Lie Their Way Through a Game of 'Never Have I Ever'

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Entourage’s bro squad played a round of Never Have I Ever on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday and naturally they’re all a bunch of liars.


As DeGeneres points out, this is a game that was “basically invented” for them and yet they all have trouble owning up to their sexual exploits.

If we’re to believe their responses here, they’ve all had sex either in a dressing room or trailer on the set of Entourage. They’ve also all had threesomes (although Jerry Ferrara claims “I Have Never” and then says “I’m lying”). And only Kevin Connolly has hooked up with a woman who only knew him by his character’s name, which sounds about right for E.

They’ve never boned a friend’s mom. But all of them have slept with a guest star at some point during the show’s taping. “It has been 12 years, come on. Twelve whole years,” says Adrian Grenier.

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I worked the door at a nightclub a long time ago. Sometimes I worked another door within the club itself (this was a rather large club). One day I’m working the basement space, and Adrian Griener comes up and gives me that dopey smile of his and clearly expects to be let in for free. Sorry, dude, I like brown eyes (which reminds me I have a Lukas Haas story too! the gist of which is: Lukas Haas is adorable and sweet).

Anyway, back to Adrian. He’s amazed I’m not fawning over him and letting him in no questions asked. He’s friends with the band, he finally tells me. Oh, did they put you on the guest list? I ask. No. So then he made me go get someone in the band to come out and put him on the guest list.

This band’s gig cost $6.