Enthusiastic Cops In Trouble For Dirty Dancing At Parade

Some NYPD officers were caught on video dirty dancing with revelers at last weekend's West Indian Day Parade. Their moves have sparked controversy.

In the footage above, two cops stand around awkwardly when approached by parade participants. Two others, however, are more than happy to get down. This has the local media in an uproar — says Jim Dolan of WABC, "it's clear the officers involved are acting inappropriately for men with guns who are on the job. In some cases, the dancing is beyond a suggestive manner." Dolan also notes that there were several shootings in the neighborhood on the day of the parade, and "the officers in the video were just a couple of blocks from the shootings, and it's not clear yet if they responded to them or stayed at their posts along the route." And a police source told the New York Daily News that the NYPD is investigating the officers in the video. The source says, "It's not corruption, but it looks bad. It's young cops doing something stupid."

How it looks is a matter for debate. Clearly, if cops were dancing when they should've been patrolling the area, that the problem. And on the one hand, it might be a good idea for a department still reeling from a high-profile rape case to train its members to behave extra-conservatively. On the other hand, the dancing on the video is clearly consensual, with many dance partners gleefully high-fiving the officers. It's possible to read the dancing as police bonding with a community and winning back some of its trust. A commenter on YouTube says as much: "They are human too... at least they show their human side and that they can get along with people in the black community and they are not just here to beat up on us..." Clearly if the cops in question were failing to respond to actual crimes, they deserve to be disciplined. Otherwise, though, maybe the department's making too much out of a little dancing.


Cops Caught Dirty Dancing At Parade [WABC]
Two NYPD Officers Involved With West Indian Day Parade Bump And Grind Incident Were 'Stupid': Source [NY Daily News]

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Let's be honest. Nobody is worried here about that they do not do their job. They simply think that sex is dirty and that somebody wo would want respect should not do dirty stuff. People think that policeman have to be rolemodels and some body who engages in sexual activity and is not quiet about it can not be a rolemodel.

I also do not see any connection to the rape cases. The only connection i could draw is that people were not actually outraged about the fact that an officer raped somebody but that they had sex. Rape and consensual sex have about as much in common like a kiss and a slap in the face. That they are happening in the same area of the body does not mean that they have anything to do with each other.

Really people should relax. As long as those guys were still doing their job then i really do not see the problem.

As a police officer the same like as a paramedic you are often ordered to stand hours and hours at places where other people party to control the situation. That is really freakin boring and latest when the first 10 drunken people came to you to tell you how much the police/paramedic suck or make stupid jokes towards the paramedic how they really need help, you really had it for the day (one advice: If your really drunk and you think you have something insanely funny to tell to the police, just don't).

You are mostly not allowed to leave the place either so even when there was a shooting a few blocks away, the only thing they would or could have done would have been propably to call another team. So yes, let them have fun.