Enterprising Fast Food Patrons Request Sex, Blunts With Burgers, Fries

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Two separate incidents of questionable requests at fast food restaurants have led for renewed calls from the nation's lazy, horny potheads for diversified services at burger joints.

According to the Huffington Post, the latest occurrences of people not coming correct to restaurants were brought to you by the states of Florida and Connecticut.

In Florida, a 32-year-old Burger King customer was arrested after requesting "a blunt and some herbs" during a late night visit to the drive thru. The restaurant employee manning the window was not amused and reported that he could smell marijuana emanating from the car when it was their turn to pick up their order. Another employee called 911 to alert the authorities that someone eating fast food late at night was on drugs. The fun time havers who ordered the pot were apprehended and found to be in possession of enough marijuana to warrant a felony charge. Why did you order pot if you already had so much, bro?


Meanwhile, in Connecticut, a 35 year old man has written a letter of apology to the staff of a restaurant after demanding erotic satisfaction alongside his takeout order. The teenage female employee who took the order provided police with enough information to trace the offensive call back to the heretofore anonymous caller. No charges have been filed.

Unfortunately for both men, the McRib doesn't yet come with an option to order side of McFucking or McWeed. But we can all dream.

Sex and Blunts: Two Men Arrested for Inappropriate Food Orders [HuffPo]

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Oh dear. Having worked retail for about 5 years, it gets old. Cashier: Anything else? Customer: Just you.

I understand some people are just naturally talkative and flirtatious, and want to be funny, but it gets old. Don't try to f the workers, even in a joke.

The pot guy is just a moron, but the sex guy was probably like the 24th this week at that fast food chain. People can be very creepy.

*Once, a guy told me he was a pimp, and that I could make a lot of money as a prostitute, and that I should give him a call sometime. (!) Then acted like nothing happened the next 100x he came in.

*"You'd look good on a pole. And you'd make more than here!"