Enrique Iglesias Versus Drone: Drone Wins By Slicing His Fingers

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Enrique Iglesias was performing at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico when he grabbed a drone that was hovering above him onstage and it ended up cutting him. Videos of the incident posted on social media show Iglesias holding onto the drone with his left hand, then slowly reaching towards it with his other hand, when it sliced up his fingers. The drone immediately fell to the ground right before an explosion of confetti flurried onstage. It was all very dramatic.


Iglesias received treatment on the side of the stage but kept performing for thirty minutes before being rushed to the airport to see a specialist in Los Angeles, reports AP. Fans reacted by posting heartfelt collages of Iglesias at the moment of the accident and the gruesome aftermath, as the rest of the show featured Iglesias in a white shirt covered in blood.

So metal of you, Enrique. The drone is used to film the crowd and he will sometimes grab it for a point-of-view shot, but something went horribly wrong during this show. Iglesias’s next concert is scheduled for July in Mexico City.

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He’s really good at bleeding on shirts. I’ve never done it as stylishly as he did.