Enjoy a New Miguel Song Off the Latest Girls Soundtrack

If you're itching to hear some new Miguel (and let's face it, who isn't!) then this is your best solution. Off the newest soundtrack to the HBO show Girls, entitled Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do ..., Miguel's song, "Simplethings" is pretty damn good.

"Smoke with me baby. And lay with me baby. Laugh with me baby. I just want the simple things," he croons on the track. That sounds good to me, Miguel; BRB, GETTING INTO MY JAMMIES.


As for how he came to be on the new soundtrack, Pitchfork has the rundown:

"Can we just call him and see if he'll do something?" is the question Lena Dunham had about Miguel as she was putting together the music for the latest season of her HBO show, "Girls". He said yes, and now the song—a slow, distortion-heavy number called "Simplethings"—is here.

The album, which also has tracks by Cat Power and Beck, will be available on Feb. 11 for download on iTunes. That's if you can get yours to work and didn't forget that you changed your password and now are locked out while tech support tries to figure out what the hell you did to screw up a system so easy children use it daily.

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Kate Dries