On Friday, beautiful people in beautiful dresses attended the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards. Let's take a look at what they wore to be beautiful.

Hilary Swank, Shailene Woodley and Jing Tian all did long gowns with intense detail work. Swank looks a bit like she's dressed up for a very nice tea party, while Shailene's dress is exactly what a grown Little Mermaid would wear to her first ball. But the red of Tian's dress (matched with her lipstick/purse) really turns it from pretty to super interesting.

Love Reese Witherspoon's simple frock; as she is well aware, that silhouette looks awesome on her. Jennifer Lopez is maybe the only woman on earth that could pull off whatever is happening on her breasts. While the cut of Julianne Moore's dress isn't the most flattering, her lipstick contrasting with the white is perfection.

Basic black done well: Emily Ratajkowski wore a jumpsuit; Angelina Jolie wore the same dress she wears to every awards show; it must be hard to be a non-celebrity at these events, but Gillian Flynn's overlay is working.

Kiera Knightley and Kristen Stewart both wore white with detail work, managing to look fashionable and not dowdy.

Love this hair too.

In even more daintiness: Laura Dern's bringing the va-va voom; Felicity Jones does another black overlay; Did Queen Latifah wear this dress in Chicago? Well it looked good then and it looks good now.

In meh: Gayle King's looking a little dowdy, despite the sparkle; Janelle Monae has got the legs for this shirtdress but it seems a little informal for this event; Kim Dickens looks nice if slightly boring.

In men: your crazy uncle showed up; Eddie Redmayne did his Eddie Redmayne face; Ben Affleck did his Ben Affleck face; your other crazy uncle showed up.

In couples: Mike Myers holds tight to Kelly Tisdale and plans to never let go; Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are giving face.

And of course, there were some total misses. Keltie Knight felt the need to spin, and I guess in that dress I can't blame her. Missi Pyle's slip dress is a bit sloppy. And Lia Marie Johnson, well, your hair is glorious.

Hello Robert.

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