Empathetic Men Are Better In Bed

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In pop culture men are usually portrayed as being more selfish than women when it comes to amorous activities, but pop culture can be pretty stupid. More reassuringly, a new study shows many are very focused on making sure their partner is enjoying herself. Damn straight.


Researchers at Johns Hopkins analyzed data from 3,200 heterosexual students ages 18 to 26, which was collected during the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, according to LiveScience. The students answered questions about their sexual health and satisfaction, as well as their levels of autonomy, self-esteem, and empathy.

Unsurprisingly, men said they have orgasms more than women. 87% of men said they have them most of, or all of the time during sex, compared to 47% of women. As for oral sex, men are more interested in giving than you might think. Compared to women, men were more likely to enjoy performing oral sex to their partner. Galinsky said:

"The reality is that the majority of young men really like engaging in activities in which the goal is giving their partner pleasure. There is a pretty consistent difference between young men and young women."

Women with high self-esteem and autonomy were most likely to enjoy sex, while being empathetic led to more sexual satisfaction in men. Researchers believe that men who are more attentive to their partner's needs start a "positive feedback cycle" that leads to more pleasure for themselves too. Self-esteem and autonomy may be more important for women because, "they help them break down impediments to sexual communication and exploration," according to researcher Adena Galinsky.

In both sexes, those with high levels of autonomy, self-esteem, and empathy, had better sex lives. Extremely well-adjusted individuals might seem a bit boring, but there's a good chance they're having more fun in bed.

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I actually prefer going down on a woman to penis in vagina sex. (And I can orgasm just from going down on a lady, and often have stronger orgasms while doing so than I do from penetrative sex.)