Emmanuel Macron's Dog Expresses His Opinion Of Politics By Pissing On the Floor At Élysée Palace

French President Emmanuel Macron’s dog, a Labrador-Griffon mix named Nemo, decided that he’d had about enough of whatever boring tripe his owner was discussing with the other humans in the room this weekend. So he sauntered over what appears to be a very old, very dignified fireplace and just pees all over it, staring unapologetically at the group as he does.


Everyone had a really good attitude about the whole thing. From The Guardian:

“Does that happen often?” asks Julien Denormandie, a junior minister and longterm Macron aide. Macron laughs, stays in his seat and continues with the meeting. “You have sparked a totally unusual behaviour in my dog,” he says.


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The dog went oui oui.