Emmanuel Macron Spends Over Ten Times My Rent in Emergency Makeup

Image via the AP.
Image via the AP.

Somebody run to Le Duane Readue and get Emmanuel Macron an eight-pack of triangle sponges and cold cream, because $10,000 a month on makeup is insane. In response to Le Point magazine’s report that he spent 26,000 euros on a makeup artist over three months, his administration states that “We called in a contractor as a matter of urgency” in advance of several press conferences. He will try to tone it down. Maybe YouTube tutorials are more appropriate for leaner times.

POLITICO notes that his predecessors also spent outrageous sums on the same.

Down with one of the herpes lawsuits (maybe). Usher is claiming that the woman who is suing him for $20 million, alleging that he gave her herpes simplex type 2, has provided no medical proof of having been herpes-free prior to their encounter, via TMZ. (My friend notes that Usher’s song titles reeeally lend themselves to puns here, but no. I will not.)


Even if the lawsuit is thrown out, that still leaves the pending Lisa Bloom lawsuit on behalf of three individuals claiming that Usher did not disclose, though he was aware of his medical status. (It came out this summer that he’d settled a similar lawsuit in 2012, in which it was alleged that he was diagnosed around 2009 or 2010).

Separately from the issue of disclosure or Usher, a massive public herpes scandal is kinda painful to watch. One in six, America.

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s ex-wife Samantha Bennington is comparing his funeral to “KROQ’s Weinie Roast Festival” with no acknowledgement of his pre-rock star life (including her and Chester’s son Draven). An excerpt from her Facebook post addressed to “T,” his latest wife Talinda:

Oh thanks for not honoring the one wish my son had by sharing his prayer with his siblings & throwing the rose quarts into the ocean with him. Thank you for not giving me or my 31 guests any knowledge of we’re the “after bowling celebration was” oh & your phone calls hours later wondering were we were lmfao still never mentioned where to go, name of place or address, it was a disgusting delusional display on all people who spoke at the funeral & their characters. Never mentioning a man who grew up from a little boy and loved many things, becoming a rock star was just one thing! We’re were photos of him,? why did the program look like a cheap happy hour menu?! I’m so disgusted on so many levels! Their were many friends & family that should have been there but when you turn a funeral into reducing someone’s life into only 12 years that’s what you get!


Here’s the full post:


Even if you have no idea who Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps is, or who her TV persona is, or why she matters, you will–and must–know all about her divorce because it’s become a whole Bravo event.


Her brief marriage which played out during one season of filming has ended, and now we’ll find out what really happened! She will be discussing it with Andy Cohen, Us Weekly reports. On Bravo, of all places.

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$9,400 a month on makeup

Ok, so slightly less than me. I admire his restraint.

/s I don’t spend that much. It just feels like I do.