Hope you're ready to feel old and perverted because Emma Watson's little brother โ€” who she first introduced us way back when she was promoting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and he was only 8-years-old โ€” is now almost 20 and is working as a professional male model, even booking major campaigns like Burberry โ€” something I'm sure his sister had nothing to do with.

Anyway, if your dream man is just a dude who looks exactly like Emma Watson only a little taller, with facial hair and no female anatomy, then Alex is your guy. And if you refuse to date anyone who hasn't appeared in any of the Harry Potter movies, you're still in luck because he's appeared as an extra in two of them. No use in pursuing this to get closer to his more famous relations, however. For his own safety, Emma Watson obliviated herself from his memory and convinced him that he should probably move to Australia.

Say Hello To Emma Watson's Brother, Alex [Buzzfeed]