Emma Watson Parties and Plunders in Your First Look at The Bling Ring

Earlier today, a friend (who asked to be identified as an "underemployed redhead") and I were discussing how we were both a little embarrassed to admit how excited we are about Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, which, starring Emma Watson, depicts the true life events of a group of wealthy L.A. teenagers who, between 2008 and 2009, burgled the homes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox and, before getting caught, had come away with nearly $3 million worth of clothes, cash and jewelry. What we concluded, however, is that it's dumb to be embarrassed about fangirling over Coppola because, besides a couple of missteps, she tends to make very good and highly stylized movies. I even liked Marie Antoinette simply because it was so beautiful and the soundtrack was so killer that anything else on screen was just added bonus that you could either take or leave.

In The Bling Ring, Coppola, who has long been obsessed with the Hollywood Glitterati (probably because she grew up in it), is definitely in her element. The trailer, with its pulsing music and loud fonts, already looks like so much fun that we can only hope will carry over into the film itself.

It would be a shame not to mention that the girl Emma Watson is playing in the movie is based on the true life Bling Ring leader Alexis Neiers who once had her own terrible reality show about her and her sisters on E! called Pretty Wild. Basically, every member of her family (Alexis definitely included) is a fucked up nightmare.


Anyway, let's go out to the movies!

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Joseph Finn

Marie Antoinette is a damn fine movie, one interesting perspective and from one viewpoint what it might have been like to be this kid trapped in a birdcage of a marriage. I never understood the idea that the movie was somehow "empty." It's a movie of mood and sadness.