Emma Watson Breaks Down During Final Harry Potter Premiere

Emma Watson became even more lovable today when she wept on the red carpet at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere in Trafalgar Square. Emma welled up as Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint talked about working together for the last decade or so, and was comforted by her co-stars. When Daniel said he was lucky to get the role when he was 11, Emma replied, "You didn't 'get lucky' - you were and are the perfect Harry and will be forever." Mock my nerdom all you want, but you must admit they're adorable. [Daily Mail]


Ryan Phillippe's ex, Alexis Knapp, gave birth to their daughter on Friday. [Us]
Ryan was in the delivery room with Alexis. [People]


Today Weston Cage's wife Nikki Williams confirmed that she's pregnant and that she was drinking on the night they were arrested for domestic violence. She says, "I did drink the night before the arrest. I suppose my hormones got the best of me. That was the only occasion I consumed alcohol since I found out that I'm pregnant and I really regret my decision to do so." [TMZ]

  • Regis Philbin is selling his Greenwich, Connecticut home, but don't worry about Reeg; He owns another mansion in Greenwich and an apartment in Manhattan. [AP]
  • Peter Jackson released a photo of three of The Hobbit's dwarves, Nori, Ori, and Dori. [EW]
  • Bow Wow announced on his website yesterday that he has a 3-month-old daughter named Shai. "Being that my father was never in my life, this just makes me want to give her everything I wished my father had given me," he says. "She's a blessing." [RS]
  • Check out Alicia Keys' son, 8-month-old Egypt, at the link. [Us]
  • Take another look at Pink and Carey Hart's baby, Willow Sage. [Us]
  • Keri Russell and her husband are expecting their second child. [E!]
  • In closing, here's even more baby news: Celebrity Rehab's Kari Ann Peniche is pregnant. Sadly, her husband isn't sure if he's the father and has filed for divorce. [TMZ]

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