Emma Watson and Prince Harry are Going on "Secret Dates"

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According to Women's Wear Daily Australia, Prince Harry and Emma Watson are "having secret dates with each other and are getting to know each other quite well." Apparently Harry got some mutual friends to hook him up after Watson broke up with her previous boyfriend.


He sent her emails! She responded! They got to know each other. Although "12 friends" went along on their first date—apparently to "make Emma feel more comfortable"—they're totally a thing. I'm pretty sure that dating in large groups is still mandatory in England because nothing has changed since Jane Austen wrote novels.

From WWD:

"Harry didn't want her to feel like she was put on the spot," explains one insider. "A party also shows he's fun and not stuffy."

"He's smitten – and it's more than Emma's looks."

It's official, Hermione Granger's blood will pulse through future generations of British royals. [Women's Wear Daily]

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Hilary Duff filed for divorce from her husband, hockey player Mike Comrie. According to TMZ, Comrie spent a night "drunkenly propositioning women at Mastro's steakhouse in Bev Hills." (That's "Beverly Hills" for those of you who don't speak TMZ.) The couple separated in 2013, but had recently been seen in near-proximity to one another. TMZ wants you to know that Comrie's behavior was the LAST STRAW for Duff. [TMZ]

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According to People, Bobbi Kristina Brown had been using heroin and other drugs the morning she was found in her bathtub. Who knows if it's true, but People reports.

Multiple sources who know Brown confirm to PEOPLE that she regularly used heroin, cocaine and Xanax in recent months. She was also a heavy drinker, the sources say. One of the sources who saw Brown regularly says she often appeared to be high, slurring her words and seeming incoherent.

Another source says Brown had been "in and out" of rehab in the three years since her mother died. Brown was "distraught" over the anniversary of her mother's death on Feb. 11, which fueled her addiction despite attempts at recovery, the source adds.



  • Kristen Stewart won a Cesar, the Frenchy version of an Oscar. Stewart did not receive a lifetime achievement award for her sublime work in the Twilight series, but rather was awarded a best supporting for Clouds of Sils Maria. [Us Weekly]
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  • Hedi Montag is still mad at Lauren Conrad. Montag worked it out during a role-playing session on her latest reality show. During the session, the woman tasked with playing Conrad repeated yells "I made you!" This is a good story. [E!]
  • Do you want to smell like Ariana Grande? Now you can. [NY Daily News]
  • Ryan Gosling isn't very good at using Twitter. It's okay Ryan, you have so many other talents. [Just Jared]
  • Daughter of famous people, Scout Willis, went to a London art exhibition where she showed off armpit hair and nipples. [NY Daily News]


Lady Hazel of Wassername

Kristen Stewart winning a César award is actually a pretty huge deal. She is the first American actress to ever win it, and the first to even be nominated for it in 33 years. The most recent nomination received by an American was Adrian Brody in 2002. It's an incredible achievement.