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Emma Thompson: "Put On Weight And Say F*** Off"

Illustration for article titled Emma Thompson: Put On Weight And Say F*** Off

"Demand bigger sizes. Go into places where you can't get a 38D bra and say, 'I want a 38D bra and give me one. If you can't, I am never coming here again."' [DailyMail]


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I won't shop at stores that carry their "plus" (i.e 14, 16, 18) sizes exclusively online (Ann Taylor, etc..) If I can't try it on before I buy it, you aren't getting my business. I am 36, 5'7, and a size body is so thoroughly average that if you looked up "average" in the dictionary there would be a picture of me. I will not be made to feel like a Discovery Channel side-show by being forced to shop through mail order. Retailers who market to grown-up women need to carry sizes in store that more than 30% of their client base can fit into.